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The school’s last full Ofsted inspection was completed in November 2015. Inspectors found that:


  • The school is a well-ordered, harmonious community.


  • The inclusive ethos and conspicuous care by all the staff ensure that pupils are safe and feel safe in school.


  • Pupils are taught to take responsibility for their behaviour, and to remedy the consequences of any mistakes they may make.


  • Pupils say that there is no bullying in the school. Pupils are confident that staff would resolve any issues which did occur promptly and parents who spoke with inspectors overwhelmingly shared this view.


  • Pupils are proud of their school, of the diversity of the community and of one another.


  • Parents and carers are pleased with the way children are inducted into the school. Parents feel well informed about their children’s progress and well-being at school, and are confident that they can approach staff at any time with questions or concerns. Some parents especially value the help staff provide to assist them in supporting their child’s learning at home.

The school was graded “requires improvement” overall, with the Early Years graded “good”.


All schools graded as requiring improvement are monitored by Her Majesty’s Inspector of schools (HMI) between full inspections. The school’s HMI monitoring visit was carried out in October 2016 and found that:


  • Leaders’ actions are successfully tackling the areas for improvement identified at the last inspection.


  • The school is able to demonstrate the steps taken to improve teaching through bespoke coaching of individuals alongside whole staff training.


  • Staff and pupils have responded to the raised expectations well. Leaders showed many examples of work which showed strong improvements in spelling, handwriting and presentation of work.


  • Appropriately aspirational targets have been set for individual pupils, who are regularly assessed. The performance of different groups is now being tracked.


  • The school’s leadership team are rightly proud of the improvements at the school and are clear about the next steps needed to maintain this trajectory. The school improvement plan is well organised and linked closely to the areas for improvement from the last inspection.

The next full inspection will be due during the autumn term 2017.