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Vision and Aims

Our Vision


We believe our role is to prepare children for the next stage in their journey by guiding them to develop their academic, personal, social and emotional skills to enable them to succeed now and in the future. We lead by example, encouraging our children to value themselves and others and supporting them to fulfil their dreams and aspirations.


Our aim is to develop happy, willing learners who are able to adapt to life’s situations, showing resilience and perseverance in the face of a challenge. We want all our children to be inquisitive, independent and to take risks in their learning. We promote active participation and mutual support, team work and collaboration so all our children can become respectful, appreciative and sociable individuals.



Our Core Values












Our core values of respect, empathy, communication, positivity, honesty and consistency reflect our commitment to developing the whole child and underpin our aims.



Our Aims


All of the staff and governors of Northgate Primary School are committed to fulfilling the following agreed aims of the school.


  • We will treat others as we would wish to be treated


  • We will learn to live a healthy life


  • We will have the confidence to take an active part in school and community life


  • We will learn life skills to prepare us for our future


  • We will enjoy learning and work to achieve our full potential


  • We will respect and celebrate differences between people and cultural diversity


  • We will create a safe and secure environment where we will learn to recognise and respond to dangers


  • We will respect and take care of our world