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Charging and Remissions Policy


In order for some activities to take place (for example swimming, visits and cooking), parents and carers will be asked for a voluntary contribution to cover the cost. There is no obligation to contribute but the activity may not be able to take place unless all parents and carers who are able to contribute do so.


Special rules apply for residential visits. A trip counts as being in school time if the number of school sessions taken up by the trip amounts to more than 50% of the school week. In such cases, no charges can be made for the education including entrance fees or costs of travel. A charge may be made for the board and lodging but may not exceed the actual cost for each individual pupil. Voluntary contributions can be requested to cover costs of staff and other overheads.


Parents in receipt of various benefits may be entitled to free activities. The School Business Manager will be happy to give you further information. Anyone experiencing financial difficulties should contact the Head Teacher or School Business Manager in confidence so that suitable arrangements can be made to cover the cost of those children.


The governors may charge parents and carers for losses and breakages to school equipment caused by their children.