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Important information

How will we keep the risk of infection down?

We will continue to follow a number of safety precautions in school to keep the children safe, including:

  • Every child will wash their hands at key points throughout the day. The school has plenty of soap and younger children will be supervised whilst doing this.
  • Where possible, children will remain in their Year Group Bubbles throughout the day. This will include break and lunchtimes.
  • Any child who becomes unwell during the day will be immediately assessed and sent home if necessary.
  • Areas of the school in use will be deep cleaned at the end of every day and equipment in use will be wiped down. There will be some additional cleaning during the day.
  • There will be no whole school assemblies.


What your child should bring with them to school?

  • You child should bring their lunchtime box and a water bottle. All children will be provided with a pencil case which will be kept in school.  They should not bring any other equipment from home.
  • Children should bring in a clean PE kit each Monday and then they will take this home each Friday to be washed over the weekend.
  • Children will need to wear full school uniform and school shoes.


How can you support your child before they come in to school?

  • Please spend some time talking to your child about their return to school. Discuss any worries you or they may have and go through the procedures for drop off and pick up, including the gates in to the school grounds this will involve.
  • If your child or children are worried or anxious about returning to school, you can contact Mrs Stringer by emailing


What measures are in place in the school grounds and for parents dropping off and picking up?

  • Please make sure that you and your child have washed your hands for at least 20 seconds before you leave home.
  • Please only use the gates and markings as previously advised. Staff will be on hand to help you with this.
  • Please DO NOT stop to chat to other parents as this will prevent a flow of people through the site and potentially stop year groups from remaining apart.
  • If you need to speak to the school office, please use the normal entrance and exit procedure as discussed above and then come back to the Green Lane Gate, continuing to socially distance, and back in to the school office.