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Computing - Digital Leaders Blog

Welcome to the Digital Leaders Blog Page!


Each year group in KS2 has two Digital Leaders.

Starting in January, they will be adding text and images, to show you what they are learning in Computing, this term.

We hope you enjoy reading about the Computing skills Northgate pupils are developing!


Annabel Pribelszki - Computing Teacher



Y1 are learning how to log in, by typing in their username and password.

They are learning how to read capital letters on the keyboard, and locating the letter they need, on the QWERTY layout.

Y1 are also learning how to make marks and draw, use tools, draw lines, shapes, fill and undo using a Paint app.

Check back in January, to see some screen shots of their artwork!



Y2 are learning how to take photographs on digital cameras and iPads.

They are choosing when landscape or portrait orientation is best to use.

They know when a photo is out of focus and how to ensure the subject is contained, within the shot.

Check back here to see some photos taken by Y2!



Year 3 have been learning how to format text and images, using the Canva app.

They have learned how to change font style, size and colour. Year 3 can also add, remove and edit images.

Watch this space, to see some of the fabulous birthday invitations they have designed!



Year 4 have been learning to code, using Kodu.

They have created games. Check back here to see some screen shots and game descriptions, written by Y4 Digital Leaders!



Year 5 have also been learning to code, using Kodu.

They are in the process of creating storyboards to plan their own games, applying the skills they have learned by coding basic object pick up, shooting and dodging games.

Check back here to see some storyboards and screen shots of their games!



Y6 have been learning to use Scratch to code.

They are also developing their mathematical skills, as they calculate the angle of turn needed, to code Scratch to draw regular polygons.

Y6 are learning to use sequence blocks and repetition loops; they're discovered that its more efficient to code using a count controlled loop.

Pop back here to see some screen shots of Scratch coding!


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