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Parent's Evening Appointments

Parents Evening Appointments

November 2019


Dear Parents and Carers,


You are invited to attend a meeting with your child’s class teacher on either Tuesday 19th or Wednesday 20th November.


Appointments are for 10 minutes each and sessions this year are all after school. You will need to see your child’s class teacher to sign up for your preferred time.


Please see below to see when your child’s signup sheet will be available to make your appointments. This will be done at your normal collection point with your child’s class teacher.


When selecting a suitable time, please bear in mind that both you and your child must attend this appointment but siblings should not be present.


At this meeting, you will be able to review the work in your child’s books and to talk with the class teacher about what your child needs to do next and how you will be able to support their learning at home. As these meetings are quite close to the beginning of the year, we will not be providing an interim report for your child until later in the term.


These meetings between teachers and parents / carers are vitally important in ensuring an effective working partnership between home and school and we do require all families to attend. Thank you.


Your sign up sheet for the parents meeting will be released on:


  • Tuesday 12th November – Reception, Year 1 and Year 2


  • Wednesday 13th November – Year 3 and Year 4


  • Thursday 14th November – Year 5 and Year 6


Please go to your child’s class on this day to select your appointment time.


Times will fill quickly so make sure you’re on time to make your selection.