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School Council and ECO Committee

School Council


Our School Council is an important part of the school community. School Council representatives from each class are elected by their peers to listen to the views of all the children at Northgate and report back during fortnightly meetings with ideas for making the school a better place for everyone.


Last year, School Council members organised a talent show, a football tournament and they were also responsible for raising money for a range of charities of their choice.


Each Christmas, the School Council are involved with our local church, St Paul’s in Northgate. They join other members of the local community to decorate a Christmas tree for visitors to the Church to enjoy.



ECO Committee


The ECO Committee meets once a fortnight and works together to improve the sustainability of the school. The Committee has thirty members, two representatives from each class across Key Stages 1 and 2.


At the start of every school year, the ECO Committee carries out an Environmental Review and looks at ways to improve each of the ten areas: energy, litter, recycling, water, transport, healthy living, biodiversity, global perspective, green procurement and pupil participation.


At the moment, the Committee has chosen to focus on recycling and pupil participation. They continue to work together to resource and produce activities that can be carried out in conjunction with the school’s Working With Others scheme. In addition to this, the Committee has designed and delivered an assembly for pupils of all ages to launch these activities and to share the importance of recycling and the correct use of the bins in the classroom and out on the playground.


Having recently achieved the Bronze Award, they are now working towards the Silver Award as part of the ECO Schools programme.