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SSC – The Orchard

Our Special Support Centre (SSC)


West Sussex Special Education Service maintains a Special Support Centre (SSC) for hearing impaired children at Northgate School. The SSC aims to facilitate the inclusion of severely and profoundly deaf children into all aspects of life in the mainstream school. The facility caters for up to 16 children, supported by a team of Teachers of the Deaf and Special Support Assistants. The SSC follows the West Sussex Communication Policy and staff use sign supported English where required, alongside developing the children’s aural and oral skills.


Mrs J Haynes

Teacher in Charge (SSC)

Mr M Bullen

Teacher of the Deaf


Mrs L Wakeling

Teacher of the Deaf



Every hearing impaired child in the SSC is also on the register of a class in the main school and spends time in the class according to their needs and abilities. Special Support Assistants work with teachers to offer additional help with the hearing impaired children for both communication and accessing the curriculum.


Groups of children from mainstream classes also work alongside the hearing impaired children in the SSC. The Special Support Centre is accepted by children and staff, it is included fully as part of school life and everyone's learning is enhanced by opportunities to play and work together.


Children who have a hearing impairment are integrated into the main school classes.