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Kate Munford - Your Space Therapies


I am a Child and Adolescent Psychotherapeutic Counsellor that uses a variety of approaches to support children and young people with their well-being and mental health. When supporting younger children, I use play therapy methods because talking about overwhelming emotions or situations using words can be difficult. Often, children express themselves much better by playing than by talking. However, some of the older children might prefer to talk or use art activities to express themselves, which is fine too.

By expressing feelings in counselling, even if it is symbolically through play, children can begin to feel better. This leads to improved understanding, a decrease in the intensity of feelings and an increased self-esteem. Old thoughts and behaviours that bothered or hindered them from thriving will change to more positive behaviours. Children will experience a nurturing environment where they feel heard, receive compassion and not be judged.


What happens in counselling?


To begin with, I like to meet parents and carers to learn more about your child, hear any concerns and answer questions you may have about counselling. I will then see your child individually on a regular weekly basis for forty minutes during school term time. Counselling is either short-term or long term, depending on your child’s needs.

I tailor each session to the individual child, working in an age appropriate way. I will be led by your child as he or she chooses what they feel most comfortable to communicate with. Children do not tend to talk directly about their experiences and can communicate through play or art activities. Items typically available in a therapy room include dolls with doll house, puppets, board games, sand tray with miniature characters, small toys, musical instruments, Lego, and art and craft materials.


What can psychotherapy help with?


Childhood can be challenging and confusing, especially when experiencing particular thoughts and feelings for the first time. It can be difficult to manage emotions during these times. I can help with a range of behavioural and emotional issues:


  • Low self esteem
  • Bereavement
  • Issues arising from changes at home or school
  • The effects of traumatic experiences
  • Anxiety
  • Aggressive behaviour
  • Relationship difficulties
  • Quiet and withdrawn
  • Depression
  • Bereavement









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