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Art at Northgate


'Art has the role in education of helping children to become like themselves instead of more like everyone else' 

Sydney Gurewwitz Clemens 


At Northgate Primary School we believe that Art offers a learning experience in which every child can achieve; each child’s creative journey is unique to them.  It encourages our children to develop, communicate and evaluate their own style whilst accepting the opinion and advice of others.  

Art has been planned to enable our children to develop their creative voice through drawing, painting, printing, collage, sculpture and digital media.  They will be introduced to a broad range of techniques, materials and artists, craftspeople and designers.  This allows our children to respond critically to artwork whilst providing an inspiring starting point for experimenting, exploring, inventing and creating their own pieces. 

We have designed our Art Curriculum with our pupils in mind: providing opportunities to explore their community, their cultures and the current world around them. Through our cross curricular topics, our children can also continue to develop their understanding of how art has helped shape history, culture and current thinking. Art also provides the children with opportunities to incorporate our School Values; fostering independence, nurturing ambition, developing resilience and stimulating a sense of personal pride and creativity. 


The children at Northgate Primary are passionate about their art learning and some of the Year 6 children have shared their thoughts as they come towards the end of their art journey.  

‘You can express what you want to express. Sometimes you can free draw and you don’t have to do it a certain way.’ George 

‘In painting I think I’ve improved at blending and using the tones that suit the project. Nobody can tell you what’s right or what’s wrong.’ Kanza 

‘I love art because it helps me to zone out when there are tough times. I like being inspired by different techniques like cross-hatching. I like sketching because even if you make a mistake you can turn it into something different.’ Millie 

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