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We believe that homework is important because it:

  • Helps children become independent and disciplined learners
  • Encourages children to organise their learning
  • It takes learning into the home to be shared


Homework takes a variety of forms, most of which encourage parental involvement; for example, hearing children read, helping them learn spellings or times tables, supporting them in their topic work, answering questionnaires, shared maths investigations or games.

Children in Foundation Stage and Key Stage 1 have a Talk Book and Year 2 receive additional creative homework tasks. In Key Stage 2 pupils are expected to continue reading daily and are also set a range of home learning tasks which present varying degrees of challenge across the curriculum. Pupils can select those activities which are of interest and are expected to organise their time independently to achieve a minimum standard over a period of six weeks.


Further information and guidance is available in our homework policy.