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History at Northgate


At Northgate we instil a sense of curiosity and enthusiasm through our history curriculum.  We ensure that, through a broad range of skills, our children gain the confidence to ask questions about the world around them both in the past and how they pertain to the present and indeed the future. 


Using the skills of historical enquiry we will equip our children with the desire and ability to understand the world before them but to also create hypothesis and find connections between different cultures and civilisations and how we relate and communicate with each other.  Using historical artefacts from a range of sources will ensure our children have access to, not only research information from books and the internet, but also to see touch and see a slice of history which will give them a greater sense of wonder and hopefully fuel their desire to learn more. 


Our aim is to have a well-informed school of historians who actively seek out answers to questions about their own situations, who they are and why they are here and how looking at the past can help explain the present and this will help to shape the future. 

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