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History at Northgate


History is an enquiring, inspiring and motivational subject which develops our children’s understanding and knowledge of the past. The past is a tool to build on and shape the modern day. 

Through our topic-based learning children investigate changes over time, important events and significant individuals, before gaining an understanding of society, settlements, legacy and achievements. To enhance children’s learning they will research archaeological sites, both local and national. They will experience visitors who, through role play, will make history come alive and be immersed in enquiry skills and problem-solving activities to draw their own conclusions about the past. 

All staff deliver rich and challenging history to ensure children have opportunities to understand trends about themselves and the people they are. Throughout their time at NGPS children will look up to mentors and individuals that inspire and be able to empathise with those from the past. Children will understand the relevance of change from the past and how it will affect them in the future. It will continue to shape their world! 

Developing a passion and understanding of the past, to ensure children can draw their own conclusions from evidence and a range of sources, is something NGPS strive to achieve.  

Making History real, relevant and relatable is our goal so that all our children ‘touch and see a slice of history’ for themselves. 

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