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Northgate Primary School

Northgate Primary School

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Our Special Support Centre (SSC)


West Sussex Special Education Service maintains a Sensory Support Centre (SSC) for deaf children at Northgate Primary School. The SSC aims to facilitate the inclusion of severely and profoundly deaf children into all aspects of life of the primary school. The facility caters for up to 16 children, supported by a team of Teachers of the Deaf and Special Support Assistants. The SSC follows the West Sussex Communication Policy and staff use sign supported English where required, alongside developing the children’s aural and oral skills.





Mrs S Stringer

Head of Inclusion


Mrs L Wakeling

Teacher of the Deaf



Every deaf child in the SSC is also on the register of a primary school class and spends an appropriate amount of time in class according to their needs and abilities. Special Support Assistants work with the class teachers and the teachers of the Deaf to offer additional help with the deaf children for both communication and accessing the curriculum.


Groups of children from mainstream classes also work alongside the hearing -impaired children in the SSC. The Special Support Centre is accepted by children and staff, it is included fully as part of school life and everyone's learning is enhanced by opportunities to play and work together. SSC pupils are fully included in all aspects of school life. For example, school assemblies are signed by the SSC staff who have high level BSL competence. There are SSC staff with level 6 BSL. Appropriate adaptions may be made so that SSC pupils are included in school visits. Specially qualified speech and language therapists come to give weekly therapy sessions to SSC pupils. We have close links with the West Sussex Sensory support team, physiotherapists, occupational therapists as well as audiology staff at hospital amongst others to ensure we achieve the best for each SSC pupil.


Children who have a hearing impairment are integrated into the primary school classes. Pupils or adults with hearing difficulties at Northgate Primary school will get audiology, signing or other support from the SSC staff.


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The SSC Team

Learn BSL - Helpful Videos and Lessons on BSL

Learn to Sign - Vegetables!

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A Big Strictly Thank you!

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Wow! We have been so lucky to receive a video from Rose and Giovanni from Strictly Come Dancing to say a big thank you.

Our lovely SSC children sent Rose and Giovanni some cards and letters showing our support and how amazing it is to have someone showcasing how being deaf doesn't hold you back - you can achieve amazing things!

Good luck Rose and Giovanni on Saturday night!

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