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Northgate Primary School

Northgate Primary School

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English at Northgate 


Our vision is that by the end of their time at Northgate, pupils will be fluent in reading, writing and spoken language, armed with the essential skills and knowledge to be confidently literate to be able to achieve excellence. The children experience how, through speaking, reading, and writing, they can communicate with others, express themselves clearly and gain an in depth understanding of the world around them. 



Through a text-rich curriculum, explicit vocabulary teaching, and a language rich environment in Northgate, we expose children to new worlds, experiences and ideas; therefore, expanding their horizons. Our choice of key texts each term values a range of text types, and encourages children to read widely for a range of purposes. These texts celebrate diversity, and expose the children to new worlds and experiences. Through reading lessons, sharing stories, and reading for pleasure, children are confident readers. They can ask questions to expand their understanding and develop their skills for intellectual curiosity. All children will become lifelong readers and develop a love for literature. Pupils will identify as a reader and can express their thoughts and feelings about a text. In addition, they will be able to select literature they want to read for pleasure from our extensive library collection.  



Writing for purpose is the fundamental ambition for staff and children. The tool belt for writing (grammar and spelling) is developed upon each year and enables children to write independently and confidently. Talking is the key to learning as children who can speak about their learning can overcome any misconceptions. The national curriculum strongly emphasises the importance of the writing process where these elements combine through planning, drafting, editing and publishing to develop excellence in writing. Our curriculum is engaging and centred on writing for a range of purposes and audiences. The children are exposed to the depth of knowledge and skills help master the application of skills across a range of contexts. 

Our focus on audience and purpose

Our Whole School Writing Roadmap

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