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Maths at Northgate


We want children to leave Northgate being confident manipulators of number and wider maths.  We will provide children with valuable mathematical tools that open up possibilities and allow them to succeed.  By providing our children with a wide range of different varied fluency, reason and problem-solving opportunities we encourage them to become independent and inquisitive in their maths learning. 


We actively promote the use of manipulatives and pictorial representations, employing a cyclical CPA process to allow revisiting.  We are linking learning with the real world and with other maths areas and concepts.  We are driving forward personalised learning journeys for each child through purposeful assessment and choice.  

Northgate Maths Curriculum


At Northgate, we have tailored our maths curriculum to meet the needs of our pupils and to develop them as learners who reason and seek to make connections. We have a bespoke curriulum created with our children in mind.  We believe that all children can achieve in maths and aim to instil this belief in our pupils, raising their confidence and enabling them to see themselves as mathematicians.  


Our curriculum draws from a range of sources (including the NCETM and White Rose) and follws an approach influenced by mastery through whole-class interactive teaching; this method of teaching aims to ensure that all children have a secure and deep understanding of maths by building up maths concepts in small and logical steps. Extra support is given to children who find the topic difficult and challenging questions are given to children who are grasping the concept quickly.  


Lessons are planned to build upon prior learning and follow carefully sequenced small steps to enable all children to make progress. Concepts are explored through clear mathematical models and images, and children are taught the mathematical language needed to communicate their reasoning and thinking effectively. The National Curriculum emphasises the importance of depth and breadth and this is achieved by providing children with complex problems to deepen their understanding of concepts whilst developing their resilience and problem-solving skills.  

Ultimately, we want children at Northgate School to develop a love of maths and to challenge the idea that many people ‘just can’t do maths’ – maths is for everyone! 

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Mastering number sense. Maths in EYFS and KS1

Children in Reception and Key Stage 1 all participate in daily sessions of the 'Mastering Number Programme' devised by NCETM. The main aim of the programme is to secure a firm foundation of 'number sense' before reaching Key Stage 2. Through practical based learning and using a range of resources, such as number frames and Rekenrek, children develop flexibility and fluency with number facts and relationships. This programme runs alongside our daily maths learning and exploring time, where children are encouraged to develop their reasoning and problem-solving skills to promote their sense of enjoyment and curiosity for the subject.

Multiplication facts learning


At Northgate, times tables are a fundamental part of our maths curriculum. For a child to be fluent in their times tables from 1x1 to 12x12 puts them in a fantastic position to progress in their wider maths learning. Once your child reaches Year 4, they will be required to take part in a Multiplication Tables Check (MTC). This is a nationwide event which tests your child’s knowledge of their times tables. At Northgate, we do everything we can to ensure your child is best prepared for the MTC.

Practice for the MTC can be done both in and out of school. The beauty of Times Tables Rock Stars is that children can practise on a computer, laptop, mobile phone and tablet which means that this is accessible at home. Every child at Northgate has a Times Tables Rock Stars account and this is an effective and enjoyable way for them to practise. By selecting the ‘sound check’ option, the children will be able to answer questions in a very similar format to that of the MTC.  This allows children to become more familiar and comfortable with the test,

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Times Table Rock Stars


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