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Northgate Primary School

Northgate Primary School

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We expect all our children to take pride in their school and to wear the correct school uniform.


This consists of:

  • White polo shirt (also available with school logo)
  • Dark royal blue sweatshirt or cardigan with school logo
  • Dark grey trousers or skirt
  • White socks or grey tights for girls; dark grey or black socks for boys
  • Sensible black school shoes, not trainers
  • Royal blue book bag, preferably with school logo
  • Royal blue or black hijab or turban as required


During the summer months, children may prefer to wear:

  • Blue and white (checked or striped) summer dress
  • Dark grey, knee-length tailored shorts


All items need to have the child's name and class clearly labelled.


No jewellery should be worn in school unless for religious purposes only. Pierced ears are allowed but should be studs only and they will need to be removed or covered during PE. 


Uniform items with the school logo are available to order from the Mapac website.



Sports and PE Kit


Minimum expectations: everyone should have the following;

  • royal blue shorts (no alternative colours should be worn)
  • t-shirt of their house colour (ideally with the Northgate logo)
  • trainers (plimsolls may be worn in KS1 but trainers are suggested as the best footwear)
  • white socks to change into for PE (for everyone, even if your child wears tights!)
  • tights should not be worn for PE



Optional extras

  • black tracksuit bottoms or leggings; as plain as possible (no alternative colours should be worn; small logos are acceptable)
  • white long-sleeved top / under armour top may be worn in addition to white t-shirt
  • spare school jumper may be worn in addition to white t-shirt
  • navy or black track suit top may be worn in addition to school jumper
  • gloves and a woolly hat (no scarves) may be worn – please consider safety when choosing hats
  • sun hat
  • Year 5&6 only; shin pads and mouth guards for hockey



Important Information About PE and Sports


If it is particularly cold and your child is inadequately dressed for PE, we may send them out in the school jumper they came to school in, but this is not ideal as it may get wet / dirty.


All jewellery, including watches and earrings, should be removed for PE. Earrings which cannot be removed will taped by an adult, therefore please consider having children’s ears pierced at the beginning of the summer holidays so they will have healed by the start of the new term in September.


If your child forgets their PE kit they may be asked to take part in their school uniform. It is your responsibility as a parent / carer to provide the minimum kit and you should direct your child to take responsibility for it being in school.


  • For KS1, we recommend they leave it in school for each half term.


  • For KS2 we recommend they take it home Fridays for a wash and return with it on Monday morning.


Please ensure all kit (including trainers) are clearly labelled and if your child is unable to tie shoe laces, please consider Velcro straps.


Year 5&6 are advised to wear shin pads and mouth guards for hockey although this is not compulsory. As it is likely that this will also be the case at secondary school, this means that they should be able to continue to use anything you buy now in these lessons at secondary school.


If your child is unable to take part physically in PE this will need to be confirmed in writing by you as their parent / carer. They will still be expected to change into PE kit (if feasible) and take part as a coach or manager. In such cases, please ensure they bring any additional warm clothing as listed above.


If you have PE kit (including trainers) that your child has out-grown and you no longer need, it would be very much appreciated if you please pass this on to the class teacher to hold as spares.


Thank you.


Mrs A Billington

Specialist PE Teacher

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