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Northgate Primary School

Northgate Primary School

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Music at Northgate


At Northgate Primary School we aim to offer a music curriculum that is broad diverse and challenging, engaging children in creative and fun learning opportunities. 


We feel strongly that our music curriculum should be broad enough to reflect the diverse backgrounds that our children come from, and this is reflected in the range and scope of musical styles and traditions that the children experience during their time here.   


Music is a rich opportunity for creativity and self-expression, and the composition and performance elements of our music curriculum are designed to maximise this potential. Children are encouraged to see that within a disciplined framework there is no end to the creativity they can exercise through thoughtful musical choices. 

We give all pupils the opportunity to experience learning a musical instrument first-hand and to feel the satisfaction of being part of an ensemble sound.   


Through wider opportunities such as our school choir, guitar club and individual music tuition, we aim to take musical engagement beyond the classroom so that children can see the wider benefits of making music with others. 

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