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First Aid & Medical Care

We take our first aid provision very seriously at Northgate Primary. We have more than the recommended numbers of staff trained as first aiders. All staff refresh their asthma management and auto-injector training annually. We also have staff trained as Mental Health First aiders. We have fully stocked first aid trolleys on each playground in addition to the main first aid room.


If your child develops an ongoing medical condition that may affect their school day; or there are any changes to a pre-existing condition we already know about, please contact the school office. 01293 526737


Where it is necessary for medication to be held in school i.e. an asthma inhaler or auto-injector, parents must pass it to the school office who will make sure it is stored safely, and available should your child need it. Children should not keep medication in their bag.


It is the parents responsibility to ensure medication held in school is within  it's expiry date.



We are unable to administer non prescription medication in school. Please see the Managing Medicines in School policy below.
We follow the 48 hour guidance of West Sussex. If a child vomits or has diarrhoea they are required to stay at home for 48 hours following their last episode.

Please click below to read our Asthma and Auto-Injector Policy which includes details on Emergency consent.

Flu Vaccination


Each year during the winter term pupils from reception through to year 6 are offered the flu nasal spray. An NHS nursing team come into school to administer them. Parents must complete a consent form, which are sent out well in advance of the vaccination date.



National Child Measurement Programme


Every year in England, school children in Reception and year 6 have their height and weight checked at school as part of the National Child Measurement Programme (NCMP). Height and weight measurements are used to calculate weight status. The checks are carried out by members of the Healthy Child Programme (HCP) team.

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