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Partner Schools

Local Partner Schools


We work closely with other local primary and secondary school. Through the locality partnership our school engages in multiple networking events including cross-school moderation of teacher assessments supported by accredited moderators.


Northgate’s relationship with Milton Mount, Three Bridges and Hazelwick is particularly well established. Our three primary schools meet regularly at inter-school sporting fixtures and occasional staff training events. Many of the older Hazelwick students support events at Northgate such as our French café event and our annual Sports Day, while some of our pupils make regular visits to the secondary school for maths mastery and reading book award sessions.



International Activities


Northgate Primary School has been re-accredited with the full International Schools Award for the period 2016-19. This award demonstrates our commitment to promoting a global ethos through activities such as our annual International Lunch and themed weeks such as for the Chinese New Year.


We have two partnerships, one with a school in China and one with a school in Rwanda.



Groupe Scolaire Runaba, Rwanda


During our 5-year long partnership, we have been able to undertake exchange visits of teaching staff, sharing expertise and providing an invaluable experience for staff and children of both schools. Photographs of these visits support our pupils in studying similarities and differences between the cultures, landscapes and climates of our respective locations. Pupils in Years 5 and 6 continue to exchange letters and, where possible, emails with their partners in Groupe Scolaire Runaba.



Zhejiang, China partnership


Many of our pupils have also been able to skype and exchange Christmas cards with pupils in Zhejiang to explore the different approaches to learning and lessons in our two countries.