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Northgate Primary School

Northgate Primary School

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Curriculum Enrichment

We understand the importance of enriching our children's learning with a wide variety of experiences. Enriching the children's learning by visiting sites off the school premises gives children invaluable opportunities to consolidate their learning and bring the topic to life with real-world links. We also provide children with enrichment within the school grounds and have create immersion days for our Roman and Mayan topics. Below, you will see how we bring our learning to life!

Visit to Pulborough Brooks, looking at the River Arun

During our enrichment at Pulborough Brooks, linked to our Spring Term geography learning (rivers), we engaged with a variety of hands-on learning. We consolidated our understanding of the journey of a river, looked carefully at the mini-beasts that inhabit neighboring ponds, used compass directions to navigate our way through the woods and also spent some time using binoculars from a secluded hide overlooking the flood plains.  

Visit to Fishbourne Roman Palace

Here at Fishbourne, we were fortunate enough to spend some time engaging with the extensive ruins held within the on-site museum. We studied the mosaics, used magnifying glasses to classify Roman artefacts, played a range of Roman games and also had an opportunity use a reproduction Roman kitchen.

Roman Celebration Day

During our Roman Celebration Day, we engaged with a range of different activities. We learnt many phrases in the ancient language of Latin; tasted some Roman delicacies in our Roman banquet; played some Roman board-games and also tried our hands at completing some of our own mosaics. It was a fantastic day and the children looked brilliant in their attire. 

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