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Vision and Aims

Our Vision


We want our children to grow to become respectful individuals and curious learners who are resilient in the face of a challenge and have ambition to reach their maximum potential. We want Northgate to be the primary school of choice for parents and carers, where teaching is excellent and learning experiences are inspiring.



Our Core Values











Respect is at the heart of our school values. Pupils, staff, governors and parents are expected to treat each other with respect and to base their behaviour on empathy towards others. We are aware that everyone is different but that everyone is equally important and this is promoted through our whole school ethos.


We help our children to develop an awareness of individual differences and similarities and to value the rich diversity in the world.



We want to instil a love of learning and a sense of wonder within all members of our learning community.


We believe that when learners are curious, they ask questions about the world around them and learning becomes a part of their whole life, far beyond the walls of the classroom and the school gate. Curiosity builds a love of learning and a drive to discover answers for themselves.


Einstein said, “I have no special talents, I am only passionately curious.”



At Northgate Primary School we never give up, even when we are faced with a challenge. We always reflect on our mistakes, seek out and listen to advice and use the experience in a positive way to do even better next time.



We believe that through hard work and determination we can achieve the goals that we set ourselves to become the best we can.


We want our all members of our community to be motivated and driven, to take pride in their work and to have the courage to challenge themselves and take risks. We recognise that success comes as a result of hard work and that all our learners are able to achieve if they believe they can.



Our Aims


All of the staff and governors of Northgate Primary School are committed to fulfilling the following agreed aims of the school.


  • We will treat others as we would wish to be treated


  • We will learn to live a healthy life


  • We will have the confidence to take an active part in school and community life


  • We will learn life skills to prepare us for our future


  • We will enjoy learning and work to achieve our full potential


  • We will respect and celebrate differences between people and cultural diversity


  • We will create a safe and secure environment where we will learn to recognise and respond to dangers


  • We will respect and take care of our world