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Dr Dunn's Book Surgery


Welcome to this new area of the website where you can discover books that your children will love 😊 

There are so many books in bookshops, in libraries and online, it can make choosing the right book for your child very confusing. I would like to help by sharing with you the books the children love reading when they visit the school library. 


My first recommendation is a whole collection of books by Pamela Butchart.

She has written two different series of very funny books which are both very

popular in our school.  



The first is a collection of books called ‘Wigglesbottom Primary’, which are slightly shorter, easier reads with colour illustrations, that are split up into short stories and are perfect for readers who may prefer something quick to read.  



The second series is also set in a Primary School and follows the adventures of Izzy and her friends in slightly longer books, which are very funny and fast-paced. Books in the series include: ‘My Headteacher is Vampire Rat’ and ‘The Spy Who Loved School Dinners’. 




Suggested reading lists