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Design and Technology at Northgate


Our Design and Technology teaching aims to provide the foundations for the world of work in the future and the opportunities to make links as pupils' appreciation, knowledge and understanding for the subject develops. 


At Northgate Primary School we want our children to understand the world around them; and their role within it.  Linking learning to their own experiences and important global issues is vital in preparing them for their future.  We want them to be engaged, enthused and eager to learn.  In teaching Design and Technology, we want to provide ample opportunities for our children to be creative and feel inspired.      


Our key values concerning respect, curiosity, resilience and ambition are evident across Design and Technology and will be supported further through extracurricular opportunities such as our Young Enterprise Fairs and the competitive elements of STEM week.  We will also work with our children to instil a love of cooking so that they may gain greater independence and the ability to feed themselves and others, affordably and well, both now and in later life.  As part of their work with food, our children will be taught to apply the principles of nutrition, exercise and healthy eating. 


In addition to this, Design and Technology will open their minds to new areas of learning including mechanisms, computing and electrical systems. 

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