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Y3 and Y4 Famous Cities of the World Times Tables

Famous Cities of the World Times Tables 




Do you need to practise your times tables? 


Are you running out of ways to learn them? 


Year 3 and 4 are going to try this new game. Can you visit all 10 of our famous cities? 


Each city has a quiz of 20 questions which you have 2 minutes to complete! Get them all right and you visit the next city. Each city concentrates on three of the times tables and the final city, London, has 40 questions to be completed in 4 minutes! 


Are you up for the challenge?  


Listen up for the launch and get practising your times tables...


Here are the 10 cities: 


London 2,5 and 10s 


Rome 5,10 and 3s 


Cairo 10,3 and 4s 


Paris 3,4 and 8s 


Dehli 4,8 and 6s 


New York 8,6 and 7s 


Sydney 6,7 and 9s 


Tokyo 7,9 and 11s 


Barcelona 9,11 and 12s 


London Final City - All times tables! 

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