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Northgate Primary School

Northgate Primary School

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Eat Them to Defeat Them!

Email from a parent: 

''The office very kindly let me have another pack for my child as she took a shine to her brother's pack and she won’t eat fruit or veg for love nor money so was keen to jump on her enthusiasm for this.

Yaseen got really involved and disappeared upstairs to get ready to battle the veg when he emerged wearing “camouflage” and a “helmet” I wasn’t quite sure what to say but Milo followed suit and she was soon eating /trying carrot, peas and green beans.

The stickers are a incentive although I must say Yaseen is usually great with his fruit and veg but for Milo I’m hoping this will work wonders especially as she’s on the road to school getting ready for September.''


This is amazing! Please let us know if any of your children 'Eat them to defeat them!' If they do please send us photos at 


This weeks vegetable is... peppers! 

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