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Y4 Roman Day!

On Monday 8th November all the Year 4s marched back in time to experience life as Romans.  They took part in a carousel of activities learning how to make colourful Roman mosaics based on original designs; how to make ancient spelt bread and the totally delicious livum bread baked with feta cheese and drizzled with honey; and learning how to talk, write and sing like a Roman.  One group even had time to try out some Roman soldier-style marching round the school garden.


At the end of a fantastic hands-on learning experience day, we all got together in the school hall to celebrate what we had been doing. The Year 4s shared their bread with each other and tasted it with other Roman nibbles such as black and green olives and dates.  We then had a Fashion Show to show off all the amazing costumes which the children had been so creative in wearing for the day and finished up with us all singing 'Atra Aranea' (Incey-Wincey Spider), 'Cano Arcum Pluvium' (I can sing a Rainbow) and 'Baa Baa Ovis' (anyone guess what that is?)


Well done to all the Year 4 children for entering in to the learning experiences so fantastically and having so much fun as Romans!

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